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Customizing Styles

Excalidraw uses CSS variables to style certain components. To override them, you should set your own on the .excalidraw and .excalidraw.theme--dark (for dark mode variables) selectors.

Make sure the selector has higher specificity, e.g. by prefixing it with your app's selector:

.your-app .excalidraw {
--color-primary: red;
.your-app .excalidraw.theme--dark {
--color-primary: pink;

Most notably, you can customize the primary colors, by overriding these variables:

  • --color-primary
  • --color-primary-darker
  • --color-primary-darkest
  • --color-primary-light
  • --color-primary-contrast-offset — a slightly darker (in light mode), or lighter (in dark mode) --color-primary color to fix contrast issues (see Chubb illusion). It will fall back to --color-primary if not present.

For a complete list of variables, check theme.scss, though most of them will not make sense to override.

.custom-styles .excalidraw {
--color-primary: #fcc6d9;
--color-primary-darker: #f783ac;
--color-primary-darkest: #e64980;
--color-primary-light: #f2a9c4;

.custom-styles .excalidraw.theme--dark {
--color-primary: #d494aa;
--color-primary-darker: #d64c7e;
--color-primary-darkest: #e86e99;
--color-primary-light: #dcbec9;
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