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This page relates to developing the @excalidraw/excalidraw package itself.

Example app

To start the example app using the @excalidraw/excalidraw package, follow the below steps:

  1. Install the dependencies

    cd packages/excalidraw && yarn
  2. Start the example app

    yarn start

    http://localhost:3001 will open in your default browser.

    The example is same as the codesandbox example


Create a test release

You can create a test release by posting the below comment in your pull request:

@excalibot trigger release

Once the version is released @excalibot will post a comment with the release version.

Creating a production release

To release the next stable version follow the below steps:

yarn prerelease:excalidraw

You need to pass the version for which you want to create the release. This will make the changes needed before making the release like updating package.json, changelog and more.

The next step is to run the release script:

yarn release:excalidraw

This will publish the package.

Right now there are two steps to create a production release but once this works fine these scripts will be combined and more automation will be done.