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JSON Schema

The Excalidraw data format uses plaintext JSON.

Excalidraw files

When saving an Excalidraw scene locally to a file, the JSON file (.excalidraw) is using the below format.


typeThe type of the Excalidraw schema"excalidraw"
versionThe version of the Excalidraw schemanumber
sourceThe source URL of the Excalidraw application""
elementsAn array of objects representing excalidraw elements on canvasArray containing excalidraw element objects
appStateAdditional application state/configurationObject containing application state properties
filesData for excalidraw image elementsObject containing image data

JSON Schema example

// schema information
"type": "excalidraw",
"version": 2,
"source": "",

// elements on canvas
"elements": [
// example element
"id": "pologsyG-tAraPgiN9xP9b",
"type": "rectangle",
"x": 928,
"y": 319,
"width": 134,
"height": 90
/* ...other element properties */
/* other elements */

// editor state (canvas config, preferences, ...)
"appState": {
"gridSize": null,
"viewBackgroundColor": "#ffffff"

// files data for "image" elements, using format `{ [fileId]: fileData }`
"files": {
// example of an image data object
"3cebd7720911620a3938ce77243696149da03861": {
"mimeType": "image/png",
"id": "3cebd7720911620a3938c.77243626149da03861",
"dataURL": "",
"created": 1690295874454,
"lastRetrieved": 1690295874454
/* ...other image data objects */

Excalidraw clipboard format

When copying selected excalidraw elements to clipboard, the JSON schema is similar to .excalidraw format, except it differs in attributes.


AttributeDescriptionExample Value
typeThe type of the Excalidraw document."excalidraw/clipboard"
elementsAn array of objects representing excalidraw elements on canvas.Array containing excalidraw element objects (see example below)
filesData for excalidraw image elements.Object containing image data