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This page relates to developing the @excalidraw/mermaid-to-excalidraw package itself.

Setting up in Local

To set up the library in local, follow the below steps 👇🏼

Clone the Repository

Go to @excalidraw/mermaid-to-excalidraw and clone the repository to your local.

git clone

Install the dependencies

Using npm

npm install @excalidraw/mermaid-to-excalidraw

Using yarn

yarn add @excalidraw/mermaid-to-excalidraw

Run the playground server

yarn start

This will start the playground server in port 1234 and you start playing with the playground.

Creating a test release

We will soon simplify creating release via commenting on GitHub PR similar till then you can create a release by following the below steps

  1. Create the build
yarn build

This will create the dist folder which we need to publish next.

  1. Publish the library

Update the package name and version in package.json and run the below command to publish it

yarn publish

And thats all your test release is successfully created 🎉